About "Shizuoka Delicious Navi! Halal Portal Homepage" (Website Policy)

"Shizuoka Delicious Navi! Halal Portal Homepage" (https://www.shizuoka-oishii.jp/halal/) (hereinafter, this site) is a website to provide information on restaurants and food-related businesses that take into consideration the Islamic food culture of "Halal" so that Muslims who visit or live in this prefecture can enjoy and have easy access to the Muslim-Friendly information.
This site provides basic information on ingredients, cooking, and management of ingredients that do not use pork and alcohol, which are based on self-reports from restaurants and other facilities who categorized to be Muslim-friendly* in the terms of this site. This site is only to provide referable information so that the users may easily search restaurants, facilities and services with Halal/Muslim-friendly perspectives.
Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on "Shizuoka Delicious Navi! Halal Portal Homepage", Shizuoka Prefecture is not responsible for any actions that users of the homepage may take using the information on this page.
The homepage doesn't guarantee the halalness or Muslim-friendly service qualities of each facility listed on the homepage.
Also, in any case, Shizuoka Prefecture will not be liable for any damage or loss caused by the user accessing “Shizuoka Delicious Navi! Halal Portal Homepage”. The users are highly recommended to contact each facility they wish to use to ensure the contents of the operations and services.

*Muslim Friendly
A coined word meaning "easy to use for Muslims" and "Convenient to Muslims." In this site, the “Muslim-friendly” restaurants and food business operators are ones who can offer meals or products that do not contain pork including pork-derived ingredients and alcohol.
Criteria of Posted Facilities
  • Restaurants and food business operators to be posted on this site must be able to provide a dish or a product that does not contain pork (including ingredients derived from pork) and alcohol such as cooking Wine, Mirin, etc.
Posted Information
【General Information】
  • Store name, address, phone number, email address, website URL, Facebook page URL, Instagram URL
  • The following items are introduced in highlighted icons to describe how the restaurant accommodates Muslim-friendly services besides non-pork or non-alcohol dishes.
    • Halal Certified: Halal certification obtained
    • Halal Meat: Offers menu using Halal meats
    • Chef: Food prepared by a Muslim chef
    • Cookware: Uses cookware and tableware designated for Halal food
    • Non-Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic beverages served
    • Vegetarian: Offers vegetarian dishes
    • Seafood: Offers seafood dishes,Prayer Space: Muslim prayer space available,Wi-fi: Wi-fi available
  • Photos of Facility and Dishe
【Food Business Operators】
  • Recommended products introduced:
    Halal certified products or Muslim-friendly products
【Sightseeing/Touristic spots】
  • The sightseeing or touristic spots suitable for Muslim visitors that are nearby prayer area and/or Muslim-friendly restaurants are introduced in this site.
    Criteria: Cultural or touristic places with family-oriented atmosphere and no relation or exposure to what is prohibited in Islam such as gambling, consuming alcohol, and pornography.