About Fuji no Kuni Capital of Food

Creating Fuji no Kuni—From Kingdom of Food to Food Capital

Shizuoka prefecture has both Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, and the deepest bay, Suruga Bay. Its wide variety of climates produce bountiful harvests and superior livestock and seafood, which are among the highest ranked in Japan. Having received one of the highest number of awards from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Shizuoka is a treasure trove of ingredients rich in both quantity and quality--in other words, a kingdom of food.

In our prefecture, the Kingdom of Food, we utilize the power of location. It’s an alliance between the producers of local ingredients and the chefs who use products from the prefecture, in the prefecture, to create a Capital of Food full of delicious, interesting, beautiful and healthy meals unique to Shizuoka that attract people from both Japan and abroad.

The Fuji no Kuni Capital of Food Symbol

The Fuji no Kuni Capital of Food Symbo

Our symbol is reminiscent of the Japanese character for food (食), encompassing the sky, Mt. Fuji, fruit, and the letter “F” for “Fuji no Kuni” and “food”. The wave represents the ocean deeps, and the breadth of Japan’s most expansive food source.

Craftsmen Who Create the Fuji no Kuni Capital of Food—The Craftsman of the Year

an insignia and plaque bearing the Fuji no Kuni Symbol

One way we encourage growth of the Fuji no Kuni Capital of Food is by awarding the Fuji no Kuni Craftsman Award to those chefs and patisseries who contribute to the growth of the agricultural, fishing, and forestry industries and the culinary arts by utilizing ingredients from Shizuoka prefecture. There were 200 award winners in 2010, 63 winners in 2011, 64 in 2012, 46 in 2013, 23 in 2014, 20 in 2015,18 in 2016 and 12 winners in 2017.
Winners are presented with an insignia and plaque bearing the Fuji no Kuni Symbol (made of lacquered Shizuoka cherrywood). We hope this will spread the appeal of the Capital of Food, create a bond between producers and consumers, and help share the importance and wonder of food.